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NO.ZH-A11 18MM Roller Blind Clutch(Long Bracket)

NO.ZH-A11 18MM Roller Blind Clutch(Long Bracket)

18mm roller blind with long bracket, It is suitable for 4.5*6mm fine wire bead, bearing capacity of 2kg, suitable for 18mm aluminum tube. Used for small windows.
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Yuyao City Zhenhan Decorated Curtain Co., Ltd. is a famous China manufacturer and custom supplier in 2002 from a roller blind factory located in Yuyao, Ningbo--the professional plastic distributing center in Asia. The NO.ZH-A11 18MM Roller Blind Clutch(Long Bracket) suppliers is committed to producing innovative and high-quality curtain accessories. It has advanced production equipment and a professional team to provide customers with diversified and reliable curtain decoration solutions.After more than 20 years of effort, Zhenhan Decorated Curtain becomes a professional manufacturer of all the components of roller blinds, zebra blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, bamboo blinds, outdoor awing components, and so on. Zhenhan Decorated Curtain sincerely provides good quality and good service to every customer. All the products are sold successfully in the domestic market and exported all over the world, such as the Middle East, America, Central & Eastern Europe, Australia, and so on.
With the struggle aim--- “Integrity, Efficient, Innovate, Win-win”, Zhenhan Decorated Curtain will always improve the products’ quality and management.
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