Venetian blinds features and materials


  First of all, we see that the curtains are curta […]


First of all, we see that the curtains are curtains, which play the role of curtains. They can form a good barrier between the inside and outside of the window, which can block the inside and the sun. When it is big, it blocks the entry of sunlight. It is very important that the blinds can be seen outside without opening, the uniqueness of the blinds. So when we choose blinds, it is still very suitable. Venetian blinds regulate light, improve visual comfort, improve indoor air circulation,
The main function of improving thermal comfort, enhancing privacy and saving energy. Of course, blinds also have thermal insulation, as well as blocking the view of the window. The brilliance of blinds is that it can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of indoor use and the change of the angle of sunlight. Can be closed all or closed, all open or department open. In the winter, the heat is absorbed outside the room to absorb the heat to improve the room temperature, and in the summer, the reflective surface is used to block the sunlight. Smart blinds can also be adjusted automatically. It can be seen that as long as the blinds are made and used properly, it can create a quieter indoor environment and save energy. Moreover, the louver rotates the dimming rod to rotate the curtain, adjust the indoor light at will, and pull the lifting rope to lift and hold the curtain in any position. The louver shading has good heat insulation effect, the appearance is neat and clear, and the installation and disassembly are simple. Living rooms, study rooms, balconies, etc. in various office spaces and living rooms.

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