What are the blinds accessories? You will understand after watching!


Almost every family must hang curtains. It not only pro […]

Almost every family must hang curtains. It not only promotes our daily life, blocks the sun, but is also an essential soft decoration. Recently, however, many people complained that Tudou said that the quality of the curtains is not good and very cheap, but some accessories for buying curtains will cost thousands or even tens of millions of dollars. What are the flaws and stories behind this? Let's take a look at the blinds accessories. I hope you can get some understanding after watching.
Curtain track
The curtain track is a curtain attachment for hanging curtains, the curtains can be opened and closed, and the curtain fabric can be improved. There are many varieties, including rails and dark rails. There are wooden poles, aluminum alloy poles, steel poles, iron rods, plastic steel rods, etc. The common form is art strip. In recent years, a new type of serpentine curtain cord has been developed. Unique design, mainly in Europe, Taiwan and Japan.
Curtain rod
Divided into two kinds of bright rods and hidden rods, the materials are mainly metal and wood. In the bedroom, the fabric is decorated with metal bars of silk or yarn, with strong contrast and flexibility contrast, wood carving, warm and full feeling. So choose the curtain style when choosing the curtain rod.
Curtain ledge
Its function is to connect the curtain wall with the curtain rail or the Roman rod and connect it with the curtain rod. It is used to bear the gravity of the curtain fabric. In the traditional handicraft products of traditional European craftsmen, it has a simple, elegant, rough artistic style and a glorious history, which is amazing and has been passed down to the present.
Hook accessories
The hooks come in a variety of sizes. The design style is unique, the work is exquisite, the style is novel, and the colors are diverse. Suitable for use with curtain rods of various sizes. It is mainly hooked with a hook and a resin. The style and materials of the two are different. The fork hook is based on metal and has strong practicability. The resin hook is made of resin. The main result is that the appearance has good performance and can satisfy the personal decoration style. Choose a hook that has good gravity and is not easy to rust, otherwise it will affect the quality and appearance of the curtain.

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