Several ways of building shade


1. Shading against the window. (1) Fixed window externa […]

1. Shading against the window.
(1) Fixed window external shading The fixed external shading has three basic forms: horizontal shading, vertical shading, and baffle shading. A. Horizontal shading. It can block the sunlight coming from the top of the window. Suitable for south facing windows. B. Vertical shade. It can block the sunlight coming from both sides of the window. Applicable to C. The baffle is shaded. It can block the sunlight that is flat to the window. Suitable for close to the east and west windows. In practice, it can be used alone or in combination. Commonly used are integrated sunshade, fixed louver shade, and grate shade. The external shading coefficient of several typical forms of window building exterior shading facilities SD Table 1 Shading form external shading coefficient SD Fixed louvers that can completely block direct sunlight, fixed baffles, sun visors 0.5 Fixed louvers that can block direct sunlight, fixed block Plate, sun visor 0.7 denser lattice 0.7 non-transparent active louver or roller blind 0.6
(2) Sunshade outside the active window Fixed sunshade will inevitably lead to conflicts with lighting, natural ventilation, winter heating, and visual field. The movable sunshade can freely control the working condition of the shading system according to the user's changes according to the environment and personal preference. Form: sun blinds, movable louver shades, awnings, shade screens, etc. A. Sun blinds. Out-of-window roller blinds are an effective shading measure for all facing windows. When the roller blind is completely lowered, it can block almost all the solar radiation. At this time, the heat entering the outer window is only the part of the solar radiation energy absorbed by the roller blind. At this time, if a glass with a small thermal conductivity is used, the amount of solar heat entering the window is very small. In addition, the distance between the roller blind and the window glass can be appropriately opened, and the heat on the roller blind can be taken away by natural ventilation, and the heat on the roller blind can be effectively reduced to the indoor. B. Active louver shade. There are lift venetian blinds and louvered windows. Venetian blinds can be used for both office and residential buildings because of the ability to move up and down and adjust the angle to achieve a balance between shading, daylighting and ventilation.

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