Roller blinds accessories Daquan, one can not be less


Roller blinds are curtains that are rolled up and down […]

Roller blinds are curtains that are rolled up and down to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. It is mainly driven by a coiled tube, and is used in some office buildings, schools, banks, etc.
It is more common, belonging to office curtains, it also has different classifications, according to the operation mode, it is divided into beaded roller blinds, spring-loaded roller blinds, electric coils.
Curtain curtains.
The better quality roller blinds have many functions, such as being able to block the sun, to isolate noise, convenient and safe, and the roller blinds have manual and automatic
Points, even with the manual lock, that is, locked inside, can not be opened outside, if the size of the roller blind can be connected well with the window,
Then it can play a soundproofing effect.
The effect of the roller blind shade may not be as good as the heavy curtain, but if it is made of special materials, it can also prevent ultraviolet radiation, such as PVC.
Quality, now also the use of roller blinds in the home decoration, usually in the bedroom, especially for families with children, the use of shaded curtains is very convenient, the roller blind pattern is still very
Diversification, in line with the child's individual needs, is not easy to be pulled.
The roller blind curtain accessories have the upper coiled tube, the entire curtain and the bead chain. When installing, the first thing is to install the accessories, and determine the direction of the head and the bead.
Note that the two directions are the same, the ends of the roller blinds are interchangeable, and the special bead heads are rotatable.
There are two ways to install the roller blind curtain head. First, compare it with the window to find the most suitable mounting position, use the screw to position, and the other
It is also necessary to find a suitable location to install, and lock the two ends separately with screws.
Maybe many people will talk about the interior when they watch the installation of roller blinds. In fact, this installation is to first install the curtain track, in the track.
Pull on the bead chain, pay attention to the left and right sides of the track, and finally check the stability of the curtain installation, and ensure that all the details are firm.
It is used normally.
Through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows what is the curtain curtain accessories. If you are going to buy such curtains, be sure to check if the accessories are in order.
All, after the installation, also in order, I hope this content will help you.

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