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Curtain accessories which? many people fancy curtains b […]

Curtain accessories which? many people fancy curtains buy curtains only price as a whole, rather than the price of curtain accessories, then curtains accessories price in the end is how much? below small series to introduce Curtain accessories prices and curtain accessories.
To consumers who purchase the curtains have ignored a very important issue, when purchasing curtains, consumers only know how much one metre but do not know to buy curtains buy curtains is the most valuable part of curtain accessories, curtain accessory price came out the same way.
Curtain accessories prices
Tape + hooks 5/m, roughly the same price! if you know the tailor, and words, their wholesale accessories, hole with 100 Yuan a plate, tape 30, hook thickness and the welding place. Lead line, lead weights, are very cheap, also depends on the level, compared to other more expensive lace, common is 10+ Yuan.
What are Curtain accessories
Lead line: looks like an elastic band, but small paragraph lead is the diameter of 0.5 cm from the center line in again, wrapped in cable line outside. Along the bottom seam of the sheers and drapes, and increase the sense of tumbling, not easy to wind up the curtain.
Plumb: the lead as large as 1 rubber, usually added to the corner of the curtain, it would increase the effect of tumbling, and the curtain cannot do corners.
Bag: domestic and imported curtains two is added at the top of curtains and drapes material is linked to hang.
Runners: ordinary and flexible, flexible bent is free to change the shape of the orbit, orbits about generally used is nothing but Windows and window plus 10 cm in length.
Curtain rod: metal and wood, according to personal choice, length with slide, but taking into account the two decorations. Yarn of the same double curtain rod. Straps: made with curtain fabric cuttings.
Curtain accessories how to clean
Curtains of accessories General is divided into wear ring and plug hook two species, specific of select to see a people preferences wear ring made of curtains pleated obviously neatly but relative Yu space requirements high some, curtains Rod above and wall top to has must distance only can and wear ring only with in curtains Rod Shang cannot for track plug hook phase for on compared simple has, almost no what special requirements.
In cleaning playing hole of curtains Shi to first with rope put hole are wear up Department good, then with towel or scarf package good such is to avoid wear ring and washing machine within wall occurred collision, but also is recommends to outside dry cleaning shop dry cleaning such on curtains of maintenance is has benefits, can longevity, and cleaning curtains of when to with neutral laundry liquid or will on curtains caused hurt.

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