How to judge the quality of aluminum alloy for louver


The quality of louver aluminum alloy should be judged f […]

The quality of louver aluminum alloy should be judged from which aspects the application of louver aluminum alloy has been quite common. We should know more about the details of its specific installation and application quality. It is very important for us, and its value is relatively large.
First of all, we must see the uniformity of the gap during the specific installation, which is very important. For example, whether the gap between the door frame of many doors and windows and the surrounding materials is within a certain range, and how their sealing effect is very important, because our windows should achieve such effect.
In addition, the opening effect of louver aluminum alloy is also very important. It's a key point to achieve the effortless effect. When pushing and pulling, make sure that it can slide smoothly, and there must be no concave and convex feeling, which may indicate that the material's plane is not very smooth, but also that we can feel some small features of the product when we can slide It is said that the frame and banner of the balcony aluminum alloy bed have some characteristics of details, which is of great value to us, at least we can feel many differences.

The thickness of aluminum alloy materials for louvers should also be kept within a certain range. For us, the thickness of profiles should not be less than 2 mm. For us, the material of aluminum alloy doors and windows and the fixed connection thickness should be controlled within a certain range, which will be better. For us, it will help a lot, and the specific harvest will be higher.
We can see that there are many differences in details in the specific operation, which can at least bring us a lot of help. There are still some differences in the future specific application, and the details are also more critical in the specific operation.

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