How to install the curtain track, it is easy to get a few steps


How to install the curtain track? The curtain is the la […]

How to install the curtain track? The curtain is the last step of our home decoration installation, and it is also our finishing work. Although the installation window seems to be a small one.
Engineering, but it is also very important, if not careful, it is likely to cause various problems. So how to install the curtain track? Let's take a look
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Tip: When the curtain track is installed, it will affect the overall service life, so you must master the way when installing, to avoid unnecessary
The things that want to happen happen. Not only that, the quality of the curtain track is also very important.
How to install the curtain track?
1. Location: When performing orbital installation, it is necessary to do a good overall positioning. Mark the track height of the window to determine the overall position, thus improving our work efficiency, determining the overall spacing and the size between the tracks.
2. Track: After the overall position is determined, the track can be installed. When the track is installed, the installation method is different according to different types. The width has a size. When the width is greater than 1200mm, it is necessary to master the simplicity between the installations. The overall length should be appropriate. When installing, install the regulations first. When fixing, concealing is the rear mounting rail. of. Once the installation of the track is confirmed, the card needs to be jammed and the clip and the track are linked together.
3. Hanger: After the installation, adjust the overall fixing parts, and determine the overall effect. Install the curtain rods and lifting rings on the already fixed rails. To determine the overall height, the width of the installation should be kept at about 15 cm according to the double track calculation.
4, adjustment: almost here the curtain track has almost been installed, then we need to adjust the overall position. Different types of curtains are adjusted when they are installed. If the curtains are not used, the width should be determined according to the width of the window sill. It must be wider than the window sill.
5. Note: For the installation of the curtain track, the bearing capacity requirement for the wall is very high. If the bearing capacity of the wall is not enough, it is easy to affect the overall effect, especially the hollow wall. Suitable for rail installation, which will not only affect the overall wall but also affect our track.

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