How to buy blinds


In the market, the louvers are priced in square meters, […]

In the market, the louvers are priced in square meters, and the materials are also divided into aluminum alloy and solid wood. The price of blinds of different materials, brands and technologies is also quite different.
When choosing louvers, you should first determine the style. The color of louver should match with the color of wall and surrounding furniture. If the wall is white, you can choose Beige blinds; if the furniture is deep brown red, you can choose champagne blinds; if the modern style of furniture is strong, the white blinds are most suitable.
Before purchasing, measure the size. There are two types of louvers: open installation and concealed installation. Different installation methods have different requirements on their dimensions. You must pay attention to them when you buy them. If the louver is too small, there will be problems in the sealing and firmness; if the size is too large, there will be problems in the installation. In addition, the installation of louvers should also consider whether the environment is applicable.
Then it depends on the quality of the blinds. Good louver blades are smooth and well proportioned without burrs. These details are well handled and have a long service life. The louvers are equipped with regulating rods, which can not only adjust the angle of the blades, but also adjust the rise and fall of the louvers. It can also be said that the quality of the regulating rods directly affects the use effect of the louvers. When checking the regulating rod, it is necessary to pull it to see whether the regulating rod is smooth and whether the blade is flexible.
Shutters occupy a certain position in urban, rural, villa and other buildings. Louvers can adjust the light, block the visual field from extending to the interior, block the noise, especially it can render a kind of elegant and rich atmosphere, so in the family decoration, more and more people choose louvers. Here are some ways to buy blinds.

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