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How about bamboo curtains? 1. Bamboo curtains are simpl […]

How about bamboo curtains?
1. Bamboo curtains are simple and refined, vivid and harmonious, and environmentally friendly.
2. Bamboo curtain retains the inherent characteristics of high density, good toughness and high strength of bamboo. It is characterized by durability, non-deformation, smooth texture, soft color and elegant appearance.
3, bamboo curtain has anti-insect, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-slip, temperature, wear resistance, high strength, anti-deformation, etc., its surface texture is elegant and clear, the color is beautiful and generous, can fully reflect the harmony between man and nature The characteristics are global green products. Bamboo blinds are easy to clean, not afraid of sprinkling and burning of cigarette butts and matchsticks. Their functions are better than cloth curtains. Their beautiful style is also unmatched by other curtains. Bamboo blinds can be widely used in families, hotels, reception rooms, books. Pavilions and other places.
4, bamboo venetian blinds fine and meticulous, unique craftsmanship, and after strict quality testing, bamboo pieces are not deformed, no cracking, with good bending strength, temperature resistance, cold resistance, mildew proof, anti-mite, etc., and the surface is smooth, Rich natural texture color. It has a long service life and can be widely used in homes, office buildings, conference rooms and hotels.
Bamboo curtain installation method
First of all, we must figure out how wide it is. It only needs 3 fixed points to install on the wall within 1 meter. First, use a steel tape to measure the width and then divide the center. Use the pen to make a mark at the center and 10 cm on both sides of the pulley. Make a mark in 2 points, use a hand drill to make a small hole with a hole of 3:2, and then make a mark on the wall with the width of the curtain. Note that it should be as wide as 20cm upwards. Then use the same size as the curtain to make a mark with a hammer drill. The hole diameter should be 0:8. Put it into a plastic expansion tube and install it with a 5 cm self-tapping screw. The embedded and wall-mounted installation is a truth, and the size is the most important.
1. Simple hook-and-test method is to nail 2 nails on the window frame or door frame, screw two hooks on the solid wood beam at the top of the curtain (curtain), and hang the hook on the nail. Yes.
2, the inner frame type of the top installation method:
Do not hook when installing, directly put the beam on the top of the curtain (curtain) on the inner frame of the household, screw it in from the bottom of the beam (below), screw the beam to fix the screw to the fixed part of the window frame, and make the beam tight Stick the top.
Bamboo curtain design
How to match the bamboo curtain with the living room, you can put a bamboo sliding curtain on the glass door or floor-to-ceiling window that needs to be cut off in the room. It is beautiful and simple, and the light from the bamboo curtain is even more beautiful. There are bamboo curtains, the curtains are finer, and the patterns are more attractive on the practical side, making the design of the room more beautiful. In addition, there are many windows in the house, the area is not very large, can be decorated with bamboo roller blinds, and the elegant ink painting on the roller blinds, the whole room is poetic, using popular green, brown roller blinds, with tassel decoration, change Traditional single tone. Larger windows with folding curtains, with different colors, such as green and refreshing, natural primary color, brown and nostalgic, enhance the taste of the entire space.
How to roll bamboo curtain
Just roll up like a roll mat.

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