Function introduction of aluminum alloy shutter


Beautiful and energy-saving, simple and neat shutters c […]

Beautiful and energy-saving, simple and neat shutters can be completely put away, the view outside the window is all in one glance, the window is simple and generous. The curtain occupies part of the window space, which makes the width of the visual window of the house affected, which is cumbersome.
Protect privacy
The concave and convex direction of the blade is used to block the external vision. While lighting, it blocks the external vision from the top to the bottom at night. If the convex face of the blade is indoor, the shadow will not be reflected outside. It is clean and convenient.
Usually just wipe it with a rag. Please use neutral detergent when cleaning. Don't worry about fading and discoloration. Waterproof shutters can be washed completely.
Warm in winter and cool in summer
The material with good heat insulation is used to keep the indoor temperature effectively, so as to save energy. (Note: only a few products with good brand reputation can guarantee this. The beauty of appearance does not mean everything. )
Simple free angle adjustment, control the incoming light, adjust the blade angle to control the incoming light, and adjust the blade to the most suitable position.
UV blocking
Effectively block the UV radiation, protect furniture from the influence of UV and fade.
Compared with the curtain, the flexible blade of the shutter has the function that the curtain lacks. In the aspect of sunshade, the louver can not only resist the ultraviolet radiation, but also adjust the indoor light; in the aspect of ventilation, the fixed installation and thick texture of the louver can enjoy the cool wind without any other concerns; the flutter of the curtain will appear in the indoor life, and the design of the layer by layer of the louver ensures the privacy of the home; in addition, the louver When the window is completely closed, it is like an additional window, which can play the role of sound insulation and heat insulation.

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