Fire shutter system and main functions


The system consists of a smoke detector, a temperature […]

The system consists of a smoke detector, a temperature detector, a control button, a motor, a limit switch, and a rolling door control cabinet.
The main function completed by the system acts as a fire partition partition during the fire. When the fire occurs, the smoke detector alarms, the fire signal is sent to the rolling door control cabinet, the control cabinet sends a start signal, and the rolling door automatically drops to a position of 1.8m (special The rolling door of the part can also be lowered to the bottom. If the temperature detector detects the alarm, the rolling door will be lowered to the end.
Problems that are easy to occur in the system, causes, and treatment methods
(1) The fire shutter door cannot rise and fall. Cause: It may be a power failure, a motor failure or the door itself is stuck. Treatment method: Check the main power, control power supply and motor, and check the door itself.
(2) The fire shutter door has no rise or fall or no rise. Causes: drop or rise button problem, contactor contact and coil problem, limit switch problem, contactor interlock normally closed contact problem. Treatment: Check the down or up button, lower or rise the contactor switch and coil, check the limit switch, check the drop or rise contactor lock normally closed contact.
(3) The reason why the fire shutter door cannot be linked in the control center; the control center control device itself is faulty, the control module is faulty, and the linkage transmission line is faulty. Treatment method: Check the control center control device itself, check the control module, and check the transmission line.
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