How to fix the blinds?


Blinds endure a lot of daily use, from being opened and […]

Blinds endure a lot of daily use, from being opened and closed twice a day, to being adjusted throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. Add to that pet damage, damage caused by children and just general misuse or overuse then it is no wonder that a window blind may occasionally need some maintenance. So, this article will cover some of the common fixes for Venetian and roller blinds, as well as additional advice for vertical blinds too

Fix the whole blinds:

1. For the drawstring, after pulling the position, the rope can be fixed to the right. Placing to the left can continue to pull.

2. For the pull of the ball, it can be fixed directly after the pull is stopped.

Fixing the blades on the blinds:

1. Old-fashioned rotating rod, the direction of rotating the rod clockwise or counterclockwise can be changed, and it can be fixed by stopping.

2, the new type, as long as the direction of the button on the handle will change, stop pressing the button to fix.

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